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Descendants of the craftsmen whose woodwork, painting and design have graced the palaces of Palladio and Venice’s Grand Canal for over 400 years, are once again using furniture, glass, walls, ceilings and doors as their canvas.

Using traditional Venice-inspired colors and artistic decorations applied to updated and rescaled antique frames, they are bringing old-world, Italian handcrafted design back to the new world order of interiors today. All courtesy of the visionary small-town company that has resurrected the art form, and the Lenarduzzi family who own and operate it today.


New Showroom in Venice

Venice is our home and our showroom.

This city represents an amazing daily source of inspiration for us, this is why we decided to open a brand new showroom.

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Custom Works of Art

Porte Italia has expanded the realm of our unique decorative skills beyond individual furniture pieces to include installations for entire rooms, homes, villas and palaces. We invite you to explore some of our custom installations.

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The Porte Italia Family

The family-run Porte Italia business and culture is a refreshingly human one for all who work here – and for the clients who make the effort to get to know the family and people behind our beautiful creations.

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