Terzo di Aquileia, population 4500, is the hometown of Porte Italia’s founder and CEO Enrico Lenarduzzi and his family. Part of the Austrian empire until World War I, homes here harken back as far as the 14th Century. Roman ruins still punctuate the landscape on the outskirts of town - reminders that this area was once the second largest port in the Roman Empire, circa 200AD.

In nearby Cervignano, quaint restaurants, shops and coffee houses bustle in the late afternoon Italian sun. A river runs through the town - the same one that witnessed a grandfather embark on a trip to the Adriatic in a sailboat in the 1950’s after a lengthy afternoon at his favorite local taverna. Further down the road and past the roundabout, Porte Italia’s headquarters and studio are located in the town of Ronchi dei Legionari.

Here, a vibrant new energy has emerged among the region’s local villagers. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Mr. Lenarduzzi and his family’s revitalization of the unique artistic skills that were the pride of this region once before, nearly 400 years ago.


This is very much a family-run company. One that has taken the innovative approach of enlisting an entire village to turn it into the unique and successful enterprise it is today.

Enrico, his son Emilio and the co-villagers who shape this company’s furniture into works of art all live and work here - just beyond the beautiful lagoons that surround the island of Venice where Porte Italia’s showroom is located. And when Enrico and Emilio are not traveling the world to assist their customers or manning the company’s bustling Venice showroom not far from Campo San Stefano, you will find them here - almost always in the company of their special team of neighbors, schoolmates and friends in Terzo di Aquileia and Cervignano.

A visit to Porte Italia's hometown is filled with unique sights, sounds and flavors you will not experience anywhere else in the world. Extraordinary flavors and local wines are always on the menu for visiting designers and clients. Enrico’s childhood friend and vintner Franco enthusiastically conducts personal tours of his winery, complete with guided tastings of his highly popular Friulano wines which rarely find their way out of the region. And a charming entourage of lifelong friends and family stand ready to celebrate guests with a glass of Prosecco or the region’s deep red Refosco - a favorite of both Casanova and Roman writer-philosopher Pliny the Elder.

The family-run Porte Italia business and culture is a refreshingly human one for all who work here - and for the clients who make the effort to get to know the family and people behind our beautiful creations. A true old-world "village" approach to making beautiful things and enjoying the journey together.

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