The Lenarduzzi family that owns and operates Porte Italia has lived in and around Venice all their lives. And their passion for Venice’s unique history, art, architecture and culture has led them to discover the city’s most delightful, beautiful, unusual and delicious experiences. Places only locals would know. Places tourists never see.

To those who have spent only a few days in Venice, we can definitively say you have not experienced the special heart of this magical city. But to designers and special guests who wish to live Venice like a local, we can transport you to experiences you will not have anywhere else in the world.

The same local restaurants and culinary specialties that lured Anthony Bourdain’s show Places Unknown to the hidden art, bar and dining haunts along our back canals. One-of-a-kind overnight experiences in 15th Century villas, palazzos, and a full immersion in the Venice experience. The Venice only locals know, cherish and fiercely keep private.

As such, our tours are for serious designers, customers, media and qualified Porte Italia prospects, or by invitation only. Participation is selective and availability is limited.

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