Geometrical Inspirations

Last year we took some time to design new decors.
We were pondering over “a touch of that linear aesthetics” that may very well juxtapose the rich, flavourful Renaissance inspired design we so love to create.

The Harlequin decor had just been published, with great appreciation and success among our friends and community. A precious multi-colors chequered design, with a greek frame, born out of a great friend’s inspiration and then developed on our beautiful furniture.

As the streets of Venice became more and more empty, with nothing but the sounds of crippling waters on the old Venetian Palazzos, we were unknowingly caught into a new journey for inspirations.

The ideas came as we stared at the sun glazing at the Doge Palace Facade in San Marco and while walking into an old friend’s home, looking at the chequered antique floor. Venice answered again!

Let’s take a look on our brand new Harlequin, Chequered, Ducale and Criss Cross Decors. How do you like them?

The Porte Italia Team