Elba Wardrobe – Gold Leaf

A80 • ST • WT • GL

A80 Elba Wardrobe

Our collection of armoires and secretaries is a beautiful combination of function and fine art. Whether for storing clothing, displaying fine China or hiding a TV, these pieces can do it all while adding a stylish touch to any space. Customizable in size, color, finish and decoration.



How to project your wardrobe with hinged doors:
– Select number of doors (each door is cm. 50 or cm. 60 – in. 19,5 or in. 23,5)
– Select the overall height (cm. 243 or cm. 259 or cm. 291 – in. 95,5 or in. 102 or in. 114,5)
– Select the technical accessories


Handmade in Italy

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