Giotto Bed – Flex

B92 • KG • ST • FX • 10R SILVER

B92 Standard

This fanciful four-poster bed has a history rooted in Italian furnishings centuries before there was an Italy. In the 17-18th C. some craftsman lovingly carved the columns by hand, long before the era of power tools. We like to think it was a present for his bride, but that is simply our romantic notion. Here in a delicate and neutral background color with raised-gesso decorations, it is absolutely stunning.
Customisable in size and design, you may also request different finials options and foot stools.



Material: Wood
Post height 88in. – 223cm. (with Finials)
Dimensions (in): W 85 x D 89 x H 71
Dimensions (cm): W 216 x D 226 x H 180
Handmade In Italy

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