Gubbio Candle Holders

L82 • SM • RD • GL


The Gubbio Candle Holders have the power of bringing us back in time, when no electricity was around, but romance was the trend. Inspired by our traditional Venetian style, they are carved and decorated by hand and can be adapted in terms of size, color and decor in order to coordinate these beautiful accessories with the rest of the room. They can be supplied as traditional iconic candle holders, or they can be adapted with a Custom Shade in order to become beautiful Floor Lamps or Table Lamps. They are in fact made to be electrified for you to fully enjoy the functionality of technology and the charme of traditional aesthetics.
All of our Lamp Stands and Candle Holders can be ordered with lamp shades and wired to be used as electric lamps. Alternatively, they can be used with candles or as a beautiful piece of decor.



Material: Wood
Dimensions (in): W 10 x H 20
Dimensions (cm): W 25 x H 50
Handmade in Italy

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